Unwritten History

refuting disinformation about the Balkan Wars

Creating the Republika Srpska

Nikola Koljević

Nikola Koljević was a Shakespeare scholar who was elected Vice President of the Republika Srpska (1992–1996). He was a member of the Delegation of the Republika Srpska that participated in all the international peace conferences on Bosnia and he also served as the Chairman of the Committee for Cooperation with the United Nations and International Humanitarian Organizations. His duties in these positions determined much of the content of these memoirs.

"This work will challenge many of the conclusions and perspectives of the war that were built upon the over-engaged and often biased reporting of many journalists and by a host of pop-historians pushed into the spotlight by their bombastic appeals for military intervention based on righteous moralism as well as an utter disregard for the Serbian point of view. The war, its causes and consequences will be debated for many years to come; Nikola Koljević’s testimony as registered on the following pages makes a strong case that the Serbian leadership at the time desired peace and that the obstacles to peace actually were raised by the Bosniak leadership under Alija Izetbegović and from many international actors, including American and European journalists."

— David Binder and Obrad Kesić, from the Introduction